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RE: Field Grower Consulting

I am proud to announce my availability for consulting field production nurseries.

The nursery industry challenges are, determining future market trends, operational efficiencies, and a need to embrace new technologies.

My experience in the nursery industry, working as, a grower, a wholesaler, a buyer and as a seller, makes me a qualified expert that is able to tailor a strategy of success for your business.

Some of the services I will supply are as follows:

  1. Identify core customer type so you can make sure to address their needs in your marketing strategy.

  2. Identify your strengths, so that they will complement your strategies.

  3. Analyze where you fit into product cycles and strategies to take advantage of product cycles.

  4. Identify production bottlenecks and technical deficiencies.

  5. Analyze inventory management.

  6. Review internet marketing strategy so as to enhance targeted presentations.

  7. Review pertinent growing practices to tailor plants to customers' needs.

  8. Create a plan that is tailored to building on your success for the future.

  9. Perform a comprehensive photo library to be used in customer presentations.

  10. Teach how to maintain your own website.

  11. Explore options of partnering with wholesale nursery brokers when needed.

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Contact me to determine benefits for your company.

Thank you,